The Spinach Inquisition - Todays 5 Minute Health Hotplate - Spinach & Garlic

Popeye loved it. And he never suffered low iron or lacked vitamin C. Thats because spinach is one food that packs a powerful punch when it comes to nutrients.
Spinach Inquisition
- Low fat
- Good source of Iron
- Packs a better nutrient punch when cooked
- Contains Chlorophyll, a major anti oxidant
AVOID When? - Spinach does contain high levels of uric acid so best avoided by those suffering from gout and arthritis.

Ingredients - 1 bag fresh spinach, garlic, onion, pine nuts, pumpkin seed oil, black pepper, 1 egg, low fat mozzarella cheese. 

Its late. You have 5 minutes before your hunger gets the better of you. Heres the plan. 
1. Grab a pan. Put a couple of drops of Rapeseed oil on a medium heat
2. Chop up half a clove of garlic & 1 small onion
3. Wash and empty the contents of your spinach onto the pan
4. Put a lid on it for 3 minutes or until soft
5. Crack a egg and put on top of the spinach. Leave for 30 seconds. Then fold it into the dish. 
6. Cut up some low fat mozzarella (Lean Protein ) but dont place on pan. 
7. Tip the spinach onto a plate. Place the mozzarella  ontop and sprinkle with black pepper and gently roasted pine nuts 
OPTIONAL drizzle with pumpkin seed oil. Voila!


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