Dolf Cheng - Essential Oil Educator - Young Living Philipines

Lemon, citrus fruits and their essential oils

Dolf Cheng knows a thing or two about essential oils. So we asked him to give us the low down on the essential oils and their benefits.

"If I were to talk of only 1 essential oil then that would be Lemon. Lemon essential oils has so many benefits but primarily it is antiseptic, promotes micro-circulation and an immune stimulant as well. These oils are expressed from the peels of citrus fruits and contain a high percentage of d-limonene which is studied for its anti-tumoral benefits. But let us just talk about the reasons why I always choose lemon - it is invigorating and promotes a sense of clarity even if I were just to peel the skin off a mandarin. Yes, all citrus fruits hence their essential oils share the same invigorating qualities. Another reason is its acid-binding abilities. Each morning, as long as I have a good supply of lemon; I squeeze 1/4 lemon into my water, swish one sip in my mouth and let the lemon water sit inside for a good 3 to 5 mins. I then spit out the water and whatever has stayed overnight in my gums teeth and tongue go down the drain. I proceed to drink the lemon water to bring back an alkaline balance. Lemon may be sour and even if I can't explain the chemical reaction that happens in the stomach, it works to bind all the acids hence this is called acid-binding. Regarding lemon as being able to promote micro-circulation, the experience I can relate is that I don't use lemon essential oils, drink lemon water or even eat citrus fruits at night. I can't sleep. Each time I take a drink of water with lemon in it or even with just a drop of lemon essential oil (I only use Young Living), I wake up. For lack of a better explanation, I feel the blood rushing to my head. It is the same effect that I have from coffee at first! However, coffee slowly wears off its stimulant effect and later on, I will be lethargic and cloudy. This is the reason why if I choose a snack, I would choose a mandarin orange over a donut or a cookie. The alertness stays for a longer time and it even adds fibers to internal cleansing. Lastly, it's an immune stimulant. I may not have experienced a live-blood analysis on the after effects of lemon in my system but I always have less chances of catching a old as long as I use constantly use lemon, another citrus fruit or its essential oil. When I am starting to get sniffles again, I then know that I have neglected it for awhile.

Dolf Cheng is on Facebook and his stories are very simple and practical. He likes to write about natural ways to achieving health after having been in a cycle of pharmaceutical prescriptions 15 years in his life. This led him to find a more whole-listic approach to living. He feels strongly that information should not be kept but to be shared freely so that others too can find a way out of illness."

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