Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dolf Cheng - Essential Oil Educator - Young Living Philipines

Lemon, citrus fruits and their essential oils

Dolf Cheng knows a thing or two about essential oils. So we asked him to give us the low down on the essential oils and their benefits.

"If I were to talk of only 1 essential oil then that would be Lemon. Lemon essential oils has so many benefits but primarily it is antiseptic, promotes micro-circulation and an immune stimulant as well. These oils are expressed from the peels of citrus fruits and contain a high percentage of d-limonene which is studied for its anti-tumoral benefits. But let us just talk about the reasons why I always choose lemon - it is invigorating and promotes a sense of clarity even if I were just to peel the skin off a mandarin. Yes, all citrus fruits hence their essential oils share the same invigorating qualities. Another reason is its acid-binding abilities. Each morning, as long as I have a good supply of lemon; I squeeze 1/4 lemon into my water, swish one sip in my mouth and let the lemon water sit inside for a good 3 to 5 mins. I then spit out the water and whatever has stayed overnight in my gums teeth and tongue go down the drain. I proceed to drink the lemon water to bring back an alkaline balance. Lemon may be sour and even if I can't explain the chemical reaction that happens in the stomach, it works to bind all the acids hence this is called acid-binding. Regarding lemon as being able to promote micro-circulation, the experience I can relate is that I don't use lemon essential oils, drink lemon water or even eat citrus fruits at night. I can't sleep. Each time I take a drink of water with lemon in it or even with just a drop of lemon essential oil (I only use Young Living), I wake up. For lack of a better explanation, I feel the blood rushing to my head. It is the same effect that I have from coffee at first! However, coffee slowly wears off its stimulant effect and later on, I will be lethargic and cloudy. This is the reason why if I choose a snack, I would choose a mandarin orange over a donut or a cookie. The alertness stays for a longer time and it even adds fibers to internal cleansing. Lastly, it's an immune stimulant. I may not have experienced a live-blood analysis on the after effects of lemon in my system but I always have less chances of catching a old as long as I use constantly use lemon, another citrus fruit or its essential oil. When I am starting to get sniffles again, I then know that I have neglected it for awhile.

Dolf Cheng is on Facebook and his stories are very simple and practical. He likes to write about natural ways to achieving health after having been in a cycle of pharmaceutical prescriptions 15 years in his life. This led him to find a more whole-listic approach to living. He feels strongly that information should not be kept but to be shared freely so that others too can find a way out of illness."

find out more about the oils

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Spinach Inquisition - Todays 5 Minute Health Hotplate - Spinach & Garlic

Popeye loved it. And he never suffered low iron or lacked vitamin C. Thats because spinach is one food that packs a powerful punch when it comes to nutrients.
Spinach Inquisition
- Low fat
- Good source of Iron
- Packs a better nutrient punch when cooked
- Contains Chlorophyll, a major anti oxidant
AVOID When? - Spinach does contain high levels of uric acid so best avoided by those suffering from gout and arthritis.

Ingredients - 1 bag fresh spinach, garlic, onion, pine nuts, pumpkin seed oil, black pepper, 1 egg, low fat mozzarella cheese. 

Its late. You have 5 minutes before your hunger gets the better of you. Heres the plan. 
1. Grab a pan. Put a couple of drops of Rapeseed oil on a medium heat
2. Chop up half a clove of garlic & 1 small onion
3. Wash and empty the contents of your spinach onto the pan
4. Put a lid on it for 3 minutes or until soft
5. Crack a egg and put on top of the spinach. Leave for 30 seconds. Then fold it into the dish. 
6. Cut up some low fat mozzarella (Lean Protein ) but dont place on pan. 
7. Tip the spinach onto a plate. Place the mozzarella  ontop and sprinkle with black pepper and gently roasted pine nuts 
OPTIONAL drizzle with pumpkin seed oil. Voila!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mary Campion - The Chic Physique

We are delighted to feature award winning blogger Mary Campion today. Mary has created a very unique  health and fitness blog. She is Irish but now lives in the UK. She took some time out to send us some great tips and information about getting the type of body that many people can only dream of....and with plenty of time left until summer. Heres what do we need to do over the next few months to improve our bodys.


Mary set up her blog “The Chic Physique” just over a year ago to encourage people to get fit and healthy.
She wanted to show people that getting the body of your dreams doesn’t mean spending hours in the
gym and it doesn’t mean spending a fortune on gym membership and fancy equipment. She focuses a
lot on clean eating and believes that ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN! Eating clean and healthy is not only going  to make you feel good, it is also going to help you break down the fat stores around your belly and Mary always believed that to get the body she wanted, she had to spend hours in the gym doing low intensity cardio like running on a treadmill etc. But that never seemed to work and she never achieved any results with this type of training and got de-motivated quickly. About three years ago, she was introduced to High Intensity Exercising (HIT) and after a lot of research she said she would try it out.

"I absolutely loved how challenging the workouts were, how quick they were and more importantly how they shaped my body and gave me abs and muscles I never thought possible. I then started incorporating weight lifting with my HIT exercises to achieve even greater results. Girls can be afraid of weight lifting as they believe that they will achieve that manly muscular look. Trust me this is not true, muscle burns fat and gives girls that lean toned look."  

What will People find on Your blog?

You will find exercise tips, workouts, motivation photos, food ideas and recipes. I am currently on a
gluten and dairy free diet for the month of January and I have a daily food diary of what I eat each
So if you want to get fit, toned and healthy for free follow me on the below

Remember Strong is the new Skinny!

If you wish to contact Mary, see the following links for more details.



-Instagram: @thechicphysique

So there you have it, Marys top tips for a fab body in 2014. Let us know your thoughts and comments and if any of you have tried HIT and strenght training, how is it going for you.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Guest Bloggers Welcome

We are delighted to hear from Guest Bloggers who work or have expertise in the area of health, fitness, nutrition, exercise, beauty, skin care, holistic therapys or similar. 

We are currently putting together a shortlist of excellent and informative health and fitness blogs and websites to feature on This is designed to add richness to our clients experience and to provide a broad and interesting view of the health world in Ireland.

 I would therefore be interested to hear from any professional or subject matter expert in the areas of health,beauty, fitness, nutrition, detox, alternative and holistic therapys who would be able to write a 500 word article or less and a link to your website.  In return, we will provide an article for your website or blog. Email Francess

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dublin Vitality Center - 3 Steps To Younger Skin Programme

How great would it be to have younger skin without botox or surgery. Well, Dublin Vitality Center  has come up with a very unique and exciting youth giving skin programme called  The 3 Steps To YOUNGER Skin. This programme addresses aging skin problems in 3 ways.

Step 1. Microdermabrasion is used to remove surface damage such as course skin, sun damage, pigmentation, fine lines and acne scar.
Step 2. Skin Needling or Mesotherapy is used to tackle problems in the deeper layer or "mesoderm".
Step 3. Diathermy is then used to instantly treat the dreaded broken red veins and capillarys that appear around the nose and cheeks with age.

So there is it, 3 Steps to younger skin without the surgeons knife. Try it today at Dublin Vitality Center. We love it. We hope you do too. And to top the whole thing off, get a sparkling white smile with zero peroxide laser teeth whitening for a dazzling smile in just 60 minutes.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Since the early 1990s, microdermabrasion has become the most popular skin rejuvenation treatment in Ireland and the Uk. The reasons for this are many. Some would describe microdermabrasion as the miracle skin treatment. Microdermabrasion is now the leading skin rejuvenation treatment used to reduce fine lines wrinkles, crows feet, acne scars and generally to enhance the skin surface. One thing is for certain, it works. This article explains why and how microdermabrasion is now such a popular treatment for younger skin.

In the early 1980s, if you were a celebrity or a member of the elite super rich, your surgeon may have recommended a surgical proceedure known as "dermabrasion" to you. This proceedure required hospitalisation. It consisted of removing most of the layers of the upper dermis. After that, the patient would be bandaged and medically supervised for a number of weeks. The bandages would be changed as cross infection was a huge risk. The skin would eventually grow back. And when it did, it would be new, baby soft skin, which contained no sun damage and no wrinkles. It was a miracle.

But what if you could get the same results without the hefty price tag, risks and painful surgery. In the early 1980s, an Italian came up with the solution. He believed that the same proceedure could be done gradually without the downtime. And so the first microdermabrasion machine was born. At first crystals where fired at the skin and sucked away. But eventually, that was replaced by diamond microdermabrasion.

Both men and women have been enjoying the skin rejuvenating benefits of microdermabrasion for over 20 years. The client lies down. Their skin is cleansed. The microdermabrasion practitioner removes any make up and cleanses the skin thoroughly. Next, the diamond microdermabrasion wand is used to gently abrade the skin surface. This continues for approximately 20 minutes until the whole facial area has been treated. At this point, the microdermabrasion practitioner may concentrate on the fine lines , open pores or whatever may be problem areas for the client as discussed in the initial consultation. Red light therepy is often used to cool the skin and to encourage skin rejuvenation and faster healing times.

The wonderful fact about microdermabrasion is that is it so pleasant. Unlike many treatments and health products which offer excellent benefits, microdermabrasion does not come with a discomfort price tag. Infact, it is very enjoyable indeed. Many clients describe it as relaxing and holistic. They say it feels more like a massage to the face than abrasion of the skin.

It uses only the skins natural response in order to get the very best benefits. When the skin is abraded, it reacts by producing new skin cells. Microdermabrasion tricks the skin into believing that it has been attacked. The skin responds by producing fresh new cells. These new skin cells are just the same as those produced during dermabrasion. They are baby soft and have never experienced or been exposed to the harsh light of the sun. This huge influx of young skin cells is repeated for 5 treatments which are usually carried out over 5 weeks. During this time the client should be vigilent in protecting their skin from the sun. They will be instructed to use a sun protection factor 50 at all times. The should moisturise daily with a very gently yet nourishing cream. Dermatologists and medically trained microdermabrasion practitioners will offer thorough aftercare advice for microdermabrasion.
Microdermabrasion is carried out by nurse trained practitioners at Dublin Vitality Center using the latest system. Find out more information about microdermabrasion at Dublin Vitality Center or click for details
Laser teeth whitening is no longer just an additional cosmetic treatment reserved for celebritys and the jet set. It is now popular and available to everyone. Some would say that it is just as important to their grooming as having a hair cut. And it is very noticable when someone has not had it done. Looking back on movies and music videos from the 1980s, its easy to spot the celebritys brandishing shockingly yellow stained teeth without a thought. That would never happen in todays world of Hollywood smiles.

Laser teeth whitening has come along way in the past few years. Thanks to new methods and advancements, there is no need to worry about the dreaded sensitivity which historically occured with peroxide heavy treatments. What this means is that a beautiful white smile can be enjoyed by anyone, even those with sensitive teeth. And results are better than ever because modern methods are gentle enough to whiten stains caused by tea, coffee, smoking and red wine but not so harsh as to cause damage or dehydration. So there has never been a better time to have teeth whitening done.

Laser teeth whitening is usually carried out by a dental nurse. A dental nurse undergoes extensive training in hygiene, sterilisation and dental technology. In Ireland the Uk, dental nurses train for 2 years and work in dental surgeries. They understand the anatomy and physiology of the mouth and teeth and they can spot problems and identify the best possible course of action for teeth whitening. This is particularly relevant when dealing with crown, dentures, bridges, implants and fillings. A technician who has no dental training will not be qualified to discuss or identify the best way to whiten such prosthesis which may result in poor or uneven teeth whitening results.  So its important that teeth whitening clinicians are trained in some dental discipline.

When you are choosing a clinic always ask what qualifications your teeth whitening clinician has. Look for a dentist or dental nurse. They are the most relevant qualifications to provide superior laser teeth whitening treatments. Ask is they use peroxide or not. Find out if the gel will be changed during the course of the treatment and at what minute interval. Some clinics apply the teeth whitening gel but they dont change it at twenty minute intervals. This is useless as most gels have a life of twenty minutes so to leave it on your teeth for any longer is ineffective.

Best practices in laser teeth whitening ensure that the technician takes a record of the clients colour in advance of the treatment. This is used as a baseline to compare the final result and to establish how much whitening has occured. Without doing this, neither the therapist or the client has any scientifically recorded evidence of the colour achieved.

After the laser teeth whitening treatment, the client will be told to avoid dark foods and drinks for at least 24 hours. They should consume white food only. They will also be recommended to use a whitening toothpaste which will keep the teeth whiter for longer. The treatment can be repeated up to 3 times a year. Most professional laser teeth whitening clinics will not provide the treatment to anyone under the age of 18.
Laser teeth whitening has come along way in the past few years. To learn more, click here. Thanks to new methods and advancements, there is no need to worry about the dreaded sensitivity which historically occured with peroxide heavy treatments. Find out about modern laser teeth whitening

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