Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentines Day Raw Choc Truffles

Many of you have been asking what can you eat when you fancy a treat, but you are off sugar. So I thought I would show you how to make these delicious raw chocolate truffles using natural plant proteins. This takes just 5 minutes to prepare with no cooking involved.

When to Eat Them:  Anytime. You don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy these. They are tasty. Make them and have one with a coffee in the morning for an instant protein punch. Great after the gym too.

So heres what you will need.

Kuhlua, Baileys (Optional)
Cocoa Powder
1 x White of Egg
Coconut Shavings
Hemp Protein
Vanilla Essence
1 teaspoon of Maca
I use Nua Naturals for Hemp Protein, Cocoa Powder and Maca
If giving as a gift
Fancy Paper / gift wrap tissue
A nice box

1. Place 2 heaped Tables Spoons of Cocoa Powder and 2 heaped table spoons of Hemp protein into a bowl
2. Pour into this about 1 tables spoon of vanilla essence
3. Add the egg white
4. Add 3 cap fulls of Baileys, Kuhlua or preferred. Remove this to reduce sugar and add more vanilla, coffee , almond or chocolate extract to moisten.
5. Mix it until it comes a paste
6. Place a layer of coconut shavings on a clean chopping board or surface
7. Using a spoon take out a spoon full of the chocolate and roll into a ball in your hands ( wash hands before )
8. Roll the chocolate truffle into the coconut until it is covered nicely
9. Set in the fridge on a plate (if time allows) Voila! A delicious chocolate treat that is high in protein and low in sugar.

For Gift Ideas, roll into a little wrapping paper and present in a box for someone special!!!
Happy Valentines Day. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Art of Being Sweet

Its easy to get up caught up in the vortex of busy-ness and lose our sweetness as a result. In his book "The Rules of Life" , Richard Templar, says that we must find time to take care and be nice to those who are closest to us. "Take time to help them. Take time to focus on their needs and wants. Take time to just be there for them, not to have anything to do except to listen, show and interest, show them that you love them." Just be sweet really!

"Its easy to start taking someone for granted, to think we have thanked them or praised them or said please when we instead have ignored them. We treat strangers exceedlingly well and usually reserve our best attentions for people we work with"

Vitality Living agrees that finding time in a busy world can sometimes be challenging. So heres our Sweetness tip. To help you catch a taste of sweetness without the sugar rush, Vitality Center recommends a beautiful organic, caffeine free solution. A naturally sweet tea that combines the pure sweetness of licorice with the warming whirl of cinnamon to deliver a lavishly fragrant and warming combination. Life’s most precious gifts are right here for you to enjoy; the finest sweet swirls of licorice root lavishly speckled with cinnamon’s golden warmth –
this is a cup to make anyone feel wealthy.

So make time with your friend, partner or puppy and catch some sweetness this Spring with Pukka Liquorice and Cinnamon Tea

Friday, February 6, 2015

Elaine Crowley from TV3 Talks about Colonics

Everyone knows that a long list of celebritys accredit a large proportion of their incredible physiques to colonics and detox. Elaine Crowley spoke about her experiences with Colonic Irrigation in this Sunday Independents Living Section.

The Charismatic Midday front woman has just has a colonic and like Princess Diana and Jennifer Aniston before her, she is convinced of its benefits.  See full article

"If I get stressed or anything my digestive system goes to havoc. You've a secondary nervous system in your digestive system. If Im working too hard everything down there goes doolally. I always come back looking and feeling ten years younger. " Sunday Independent Living 1st February 2015.

Of course Elaine is just one of a long list of celebritys to rate highly the value of colonic Irrigation and juicing.

In a recent article in The Irish Daily Mail entitled "Meet You At The Oxygen Bar" Wednesday 5th January 2015, the secrets of celebrity detox and colonics have been revealed.

At We Care in Palm Springs, colonic center popular with celebritys and based in the USA,  a full detox cleanse is provided which includes juice fasting , colonics and coffee enemas, lymphatic massage and natural facial treatments. The clinic recommends herbal tea, juices and vegetable soups. Olive and prune juice are advised in advance of the daily colonic hydrotherapy sessions.
At Dublin Vitality all of this is available, but its possible to do the programme without leaving Ireland.

We Care in Palm Springs are part of the IACT association of colonic hydrotherapists the same professional group as Dublin Vitality Center. IACT is the only training programme recognised by US Federal law. In the USA colonic hydrotherapists are regulated as a profession. In Ireland, Dublin Vitality Center is the only clinic which has IACT trained to include Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Level.

 Celebrity Clients: Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Affleck, Gwen Steffani, Live Tyler, Matt Damon, Paris Hilton.
Cost of Celebrity Cleanse: €4850
Cost Dublin Vitality Center Cleanse Programme: €150

You can have a similar detox at Dublin Vitality Center with our highly effective 90 minute programme known as Inchloss Detox Express.
Find our how to shift the bloat fast and effectively here:
See More

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dolf Cheng - Essential Oil Educator - Young Living Philipines

Lemon, citrus fruits and their essential oils

Dolf Cheng knows a thing or two about essential oils. So we asked him to give us the low down on the essential oils and their benefits.

"If I were to talk of only 1 essential oil then that would be Lemon. Lemon essential oils has so many benefits but primarily it is antiseptic, promotes micro-circulation and an immune stimulant as well. These oils are expressed from the peels of citrus fruits and contain a high percentage of d-limonene which is studied for its anti-tumoral benefits. But let us just talk about the reasons why I always choose lemon - it is invigorating and promotes a sense of clarity even if I were just to peel the skin off a mandarin. Yes, all citrus fruits hence their essential oils share the same invigorating qualities. Another reason is its acid-binding abilities. Each morning, as long as I have a good supply of lemon; I squeeze 1/4 lemon into my water, swish one sip in my mouth and let the lemon water sit inside for a good 3 to 5 mins. I then spit out the water and whatever has stayed overnight in my gums teeth and tongue go down the drain. I proceed to drink the lemon water to bring back an alkaline balance. Lemon may be sour and even if I can't explain the chemical reaction that happens in the stomach, it works to bind all the acids hence this is called acid-binding. Regarding lemon as being able to promote micro-circulation, the experience I can relate is that I don't use lemon essential oils, drink lemon water or even eat citrus fruits at night. I can't sleep. Each time I take a drink of water with lemon in it or even with just a drop of lemon essential oil (I only use Young Living), I wake up. For lack of a better explanation, I feel the blood rushing to my head. It is the same effect that I have from coffee at first! However, coffee slowly wears off its stimulant effect and later on, I will be lethargic and cloudy. This is the reason why if I choose a snack, I would choose a mandarin orange over a donut or a cookie. The alertness stays for a longer time and it even adds fibers to internal cleansing. Lastly, it's an immune stimulant. I may not have experienced a live-blood analysis on the after effects of lemon in my system but I always have less chances of catching a old as long as I use constantly use lemon, another citrus fruit or its essential oil. When I am starting to get sniffles again, I then know that I have neglected it for awhile.

Dolf Cheng is on Facebook and his stories are very simple and practical. He likes to write about natural ways to achieving health after having been in a cycle of pharmaceutical prescriptions 15 years in his life. This led him to find a more whole-listic approach to living. He feels strongly that information should not be kept but to be shared freely so that others too can find a way out of illness."

find out more about the oils

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Spinach Inquisition - Todays 5 Minute Health Hotplate - Spinach & Garlic

Popeye loved it. And he never suffered low iron or lacked vitamin C. Thats because spinach is one food that packs a powerful punch when it comes to nutrients.
Spinach Inquisition
- Low fat
- Good source of Iron
- Packs a better nutrient punch when cooked
- Contains Chlorophyll, a major anti oxidant
AVOID When? - Spinach does contain high levels of uric acid so best avoided by those suffering from gout and arthritis.

Ingredients - 1 bag fresh spinach, garlic, onion, pine nuts, pumpkin seed oil, black pepper, 1 egg, low fat mozzarella cheese. 

Its late. You have 5 minutes before your hunger gets the better of you. Heres the plan. 
1. Grab a pan. Put a couple of drops of Rapeseed oil on a medium heat
2. Chop up half a clove of garlic & 1 small onion
3. Wash and empty the contents of your spinach onto the pan
4. Put a lid on it for 3 minutes or until soft
5. Crack a egg and put on top of the spinach. Leave for 30 seconds. Then fold it into the dish. 
6. Cut up some low fat mozzarella (Lean Protein ) but dont place on pan. 
7. Tip the spinach onto a plate. Place the mozzarella  ontop and sprinkle with black pepper and gently roasted pine nuts 
OPTIONAL drizzle with pumpkin seed oil. Voila!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mary Campion - The Chic Physique

We are delighted to feature award winning blogger Mary Campion today. Mary has created a very unique  health and fitness blog. She is Irish but now lives in the UK. She took some time out to send us some great tips and information about getting the type of body that many people can only dream of....and with plenty of time left until summer. Heres what do we need to do over the next few months to improve our bodys.


Mary set up her blog “The Chic Physique” just over a year ago to encourage people to get fit and healthy.
She wanted to show people that getting the body of your dreams doesn’t mean spending hours in the
gym and it doesn’t mean spending a fortune on gym membership and fancy equipment. She focuses a
lot on clean eating and believes that ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN! Eating clean and healthy is not only going  to make you feel good, it is also going to help you break down the fat stores around your belly and Mary always believed that to get the body she wanted, she had to spend hours in the gym doing low intensity cardio like running on a treadmill etc. But that never seemed to work and she never achieved any results with this type of training and got de-motivated quickly. About three years ago, she was introduced to High Intensity Exercising (HIT) and after a lot of research she said she would try it out.

"I absolutely loved how challenging the workouts were, how quick they were and more importantly how they shaped my body and gave me abs and muscles I never thought possible. I then started incorporating weight lifting with my HIT exercises to achieve even greater results. Girls can be afraid of weight lifting as they believe that they will achieve that manly muscular look. Trust me this is not true, muscle burns fat and gives girls that lean toned look."  

What will People find on Your blog?

You will find exercise tips, workouts, motivation photos, food ideas and recipes. I am currently on a
gluten and dairy free diet for the month of January and I have a daily food diary of what I eat each
So if you want to get fit, toned and healthy for free follow me on the below

Remember Strong is the new Skinny!

If you wish to contact Mary, see the following links for more details.



-Instagram: @thechicphysique

So there you have it, Marys top tips for a fab body in 2014. Let us know your thoughts and comments and if any of you have tried HIT and strenght training, how is it going for you.

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