Why Did It Talk Almost 20 Years For Elvis Presleys Doctor to Admit That Gut Health Issues Killed Him?

Elvis Presley Died At 42 From Constipation He Doctor Revealed In 2010

Everyone including the King of rock and roll has an inherent fear and embarrassment of their bowel. Maybe that is why 1.8 million people are diagnosed with bowel cancer every year and still many people believe that their bowel is perfectly capable of looking after itself. Really? The figures don't point to that.

If only I could travel back in time. I would go straight to Memphis and make it my business to sit down with The King Of Rock And Roll. That's because Elvis Presley is probably the most famous person in the world who ever died from gut health related issues. If you remember Elvis Presley, or have ever seen his performances, you will understand why he became world famous.  It was as much to do with his physical prowess and his invigorating style of dance as it was to do with his sultry voice. His infectious vitality captivated the world. So how did he end up dead so fat and bloated and dead at 42? 

Poor gut health, poor diet and laxatives. Elvis was found on the bathroom floor in a position that indicated that he had fallen off the loo. His bowel was found to be twice the length of normal with an impacted stool estimated to be four months old. This is called a mega colon and it is the result of extreme constipation. According to Dr Nichopoulos, the autopsy found Elvis’s colon to be five to six inches in diameter, compared to an average of two to three inches. And rather than the  standard four to five feet long, Elvis's colon was eight to nine feet.

'After he died we weren’t sure [of his cause of death] so I continued to do some research and I had some doctors call me from different places and different med schools that were doing research on constipation and different problems you can get into with it. I just want to get the story straight – it all made sense with the new research that was done.' Dr Nichopoulos, Elvis Presleys Doctor

He said that although he offered Elvis a colostomy, to remove part of his bowel, The King of Rock and Rolls pride meant he rejected the treatment. Knowing know what we know about the link between the heart and the bowel, it makes sense that Elvis may have been saved if he knew about colonics and took on the functional gut health protocols that many people believe to be the root of their health.
 Instead he ate a meat rich fatty diet and took prescription drugs. Then he pushed himself through gruelling Las Vegas stage shows. His poor heart gave up but his doctor believes it was his impacted bowel, the contents of which were four months old at the time of his death, that killed him. The amount of toxins that Elvis Presleys body was dealing with from his food, diet and lifestyle combined with the fact that his main eliminatory organs were backed up with four months worth of faecal matter, is an indication of the type of lives and pressure that busy celebrities live.

In my clinic, I have worked with dozens of A-List celebrities. Everyone's privacy is important and that includes these people. Maybe one reason they come to me is that I never ask them to open up about their treatments. What I can say is that I have worked with people so famous that I usually have to close down my entire clinic when they come or see them at night time when the glaring eyes of the paparazzi are not as likely to snap them going into my clinic.  I cannot mention their names without their consent, of course. It is one of the reasons why functional gut health protocols remain the secret of the well informed.  I cannot ask them for a testimonial or give me a "shout out" on social media.  Sadly most celebrities who have a public image that sells block buster movies are just as embarrassed by their own bowel as you or me. But what I can tell you is this.

Celebrities live hectic lives and many celebrities suffer from the same debilitating bowel impaction, cramps, anxiety and fatigue as the rest of us. I think due to the stress and travel that they undertake, they may even be more susceptible to bowel issues. In many cases, they are so tied to their studios schedule that they are not allowed to take an hour or two off to have a treatment. Before you wish to be a famous A-list celebrity, consider the pressure that they are under. They are surrounded by drugs, parties, alcohol and in some cases people who do not have their best interests at heart. They live life at a super human pace and the last thing they often have time for is functional gut health. When they arrive in my clinic, they are surprised at how strict I am with them. That is because I know from personal experience that when every  second of your schedule is accounted for and you are tied into a multi million dollar movie deal and your call me because you need a colonic, you really really need a colonic. And that means that you are probably in a chronic condition. Invariably, they ask me for "the works". They want a colonic, a food plan, a liver coffee enema. Invariably, I have to say no. Because you cannot shock a body that has is completely toxic with a super powerful physical detox programme and expect not to experience downtime. So to all the A-listers out there who are thinking of coming in for a colonic after heavy periods of partying drugs and booze, please note that you will be required to take on the same programme as everyone else.

Lady Diana : Luckily there are many celebrities who openly discuss their health issues and have colonics and other functional gut health treatments regularly. Lady Diana was one of those. She changed the monarchy and she changed many peoples attitude towards gut health. She did so much in her short life. She demonstrated that love and heart were basic human needs even for a princess. She spoke out about things that other found taboo - AIDS, land minds, a cheating husband and the benefits of having colonic irrigation.
Gwyneth Paltrow: This girl knows how to look after herself. She runs a lifestyle website devoted to good food and good living. Take one look at Gwyneth and you can see what good health looks like. She has regular colonic irrigation sessions and it shows.
Simon Cowell: Want to become a global music business magnet? Then you need to be in good health. Simon Cowells brain is razor sharp. No toxins there. No brain fog. No room for errors or indecision. I wonder is that due to his regular colonic hydrotherapy sessions.

If you are a celebrity and you are reading this, do the world a favour and speak out about your treatment. You have a big voice and a brief mention that you agree with functional gut health treatments like detoxing the inner body can be the catalyst that it takes for other people to follow suit. 

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