Parkinsons Disease May Start In The Bowel

Parkinson Disease May Start In The Bowel

According to a recent study by US based scientists and supported by Parkinsons UK, built up toxins in the bowel kill nerves that are linked to movement. Researchers at the Van Andel Research Institute in Michigan looked at 1.7 million people over half a century and found that the bowel contained a toxic protein called alpha synuclein that is found in the brains of those with Parkinsons disease. This toxic protein resides in the appendix, a small sac at the end of the colon. Scientists now believe that the bowel is a breeding ground for this toxin which travels up the vagus nerve and into the brain causing Parkinsons Disease. Since colonic irrigation cleanses the entire bowel including the appendix, keeping your bowel clean may reduce the build up of alpha synuclein and thereby reduce the risk of Parkinsons. The study published in Science Translational Medicine showed the risk of Parkinsons was 20% lower in those who have had their appendix removed. (Science Translational Medicine, 2018)