Benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy

Many of us spend a large amount of money and time perfecting how we look on the outside. We cleanse, tone, exercise, manicure, condition, massage and exfoliate our bodies regularly. Some of us treat our skin to spas and facials. But how much time do we really put into what is going on in the inside?
Lady Diana was reported to have invested over $4300 in colonics and claimed that they greatly improved depression and vitality.

A clean and healthy elimination system brings many powerful benefits to the body. Immediately after treatment, many clients report a feeling of happiness and well being and the complexion is immediately radiant. Bloating disappears and the tummy is flattened. Clients often report feeling "lighter" and "uplifted" with a new zest. The body is rehydrated and the eyes are brighter and sparkling. Some clients notice that their skin is dramatically improved especially between the eyebrows where stress and toxin are evident.