Colonics Can Make You Happier

Serotonin, the body’s natural “feel good” hormone is produced in the colon (Group.E) which could explain why so many people report a feeling of well being and uplifted mood after colonic hydrotherapy treatment. In fact, drugs used to treat IBS, a broad term for general disorders of the colon including sluggish bowel, constipation and bloating, are derived from antidepressants. This would indicate that it may be possible to treat mild depression known as “the winter blues” naturally with colonic hydrotherapy.

“Most of us have heard about the relationship between depression and serotonin in the brain, but the gut also produces serotonin, which in turn acts on nerves in the digestive tract. Some research suggests that IBS patients who suffer mainly from diarrhea may have increased serotonin levels in the gut, while those with constipation-predominant IBS have decreased amounts”. (Harvard, 2009)

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) affects an estimated 24 million people in the United States. Experts aren’t sure why, but 70% of sufferers are women.

At Dublin Vitality Center, clients can benefit from Colonic Hydrotherapy without any loss of privacy. The center, which is located in Blanchardstown village, has launched a NEW 3 day colonic detox programme in time for the new year, which allows the client to benefit from a life-changing detox performed over 3 days.

The new colonic detox removes years of dangerous toxic build-up from the walls of the colon and creates a renewed sense of well being and health. Weight loss is a natural side effect of body detoxification. There is an optional treatment of “coffee implant” which can be used on the final colonic to induce a total liver detox. Coffee encourages the bile ducts in the liver to release bile and the coffee enema has been known to cause a feeling of exhilaration and total rejuvenation due to this.

The 3 day Detox costs €300 Euros with a Coffee enema or €250 without. Contact Dublin Vitality Center in Dublin 15 on 01-8201602 or


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