What Are The Holistic Benefits of Colonic Irrigation

Many people dont understand the holistic value of cleansing the large intestine and how removing toxins may benefit the body in some very unexpected ways. In this article some of the lesser known benefits of cleansing the body are discussed.

Colonics helps clear constipation. This is the most common reason for cleansing the colon. By clearing the colon, constipation can be remedied. A course of colonic irrigation treatment helps builds strenght in the colon and restore peristaltic action.Often Diarrhea is caused by constipation which has become impacted and adheres to the walls of the colon. Diarrhea occurs as fluid falls through the soft matter in the middle with no muscle to move it along in much the same way that blocked pipes carry matter through the center but with impacted matter on the walls.

Many women live with PMT or PMS and are unaware that excess hormones may be leading to these problems. When excessive hormones are released during the pre-menstreal phase, they may accumulate and cause PMT or PMS symptoms such as irritability and mood swings. Colonic Irrigation may also help reduce bloating and constipation which are common symptoms .

A body which is toxic, over weight or stressed may not be receptive to fertilisation. Colonic Irrigation may help to remove the problem and lead to a better chance of conceiving.

Did you know drugs similar to anti-depressants are used to treat IBS? Thats because serotonin is produced in the colon as a stimulant to enable peristaltic action or movement. Therefore the link between an impacted colon and depression may be more physical than originally thought. Constipation may lead to depression. And for those who have tried it colonic irrigation appears to help lift mood immediately by removing toxins which circulate and enter the blood and the brain. The Harvard Medical Journal reports that an emerging theory focuses on the neurotransmitter serotonin. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that transmit messages between nerve cells. Most of us have heard about the relationship between depression and serotonin in the brain, but the gut also produces serotonin, which in turn acts on nerves in the digestive tract. Some research suggests that IBS patients who suffer mainly from diarrhea may have increased serotonin levels in the gut, while those with constipation-predominant IBS have decreased amounts. This would imply that constipation and low serotonin are linked.

A physical link seems to exists between the colon and the brain. Recent research published by The Harvard Medical Journal shows that stress, irritability and depression may manifest in the gastro intestinal tract. But that is not surprising because stress hormones such as adrenalin and cortisol can build up in cells and least to fatigue and weightgain if not excreted.

A weak immune system is often the result of exhausted adrenals due to long term stress, over production of hormones and a build up of toxins in the liver. Colonic irrigation and coffee enemas can reduce toxic load. Skin problems, acne, spots on back are often caused by toxic overload resulting from the body not eliminating effectively. Toxins in the colon are re-absorbed and may be pushed out by the body through the skin resulting in acne or spots on the back.

Colonic irrigation, liver enemas or colon cleansing takes the pressure of the other elliminatory organs and therefore leads to skin clearing naturally. Particularly if the spots are under the skin and do not come to a head. Circulation and celulite problems are often caused by toxins in the cells. There are many positive benefits to cleansing the colon and the effects are holistic as they cleanse and rehydrate each and every organ with fresh clean water.
Frances Flannery is a qualified nurse, personal fitness trainer and is the owner of Dublin Vitality Center. She also holds a first class honours degree in ebusiness. Dublin Vitality Center provides colonic irrigation, Biomeridian MOT Body Test, MicrodermabrasionFood Intolerance Testing and Facial Red Vein Removal  in Dublin Ireland.