The Ultimate Juice Fast & Colonic Irrigation Detox

So, you wish to undertake a detox but are unsure of how to go about it. The reasons for detoxing and juice fasting are numerous. Here you will find a simple guide to our juice fast which is ideal combined with colonic irrigation for the ultimate detox. We call it our " NEW YOU" detox juice fast.
Its important to note that juice fasting does not mean avoiding food. Infact, it is advisable to eat a lean protein meal at dinner time whilst juice fasting. This is the latest recommendations from nutritionists and doctors on the subject of fasting. Its a very simple process.

Create a juice made from beetroot, celery, apples, carrots and ginger in a juicer. Create half a pint of it or more depending on your appetite. Drink this for breakfast and again for lunch. If you are hungry, drink hot lemon and water or herbal tea. At dinner time, after 6pm, choose any of the following; an omelette containing onions, feta cheese and tomatoes or mozzorella buffolo slices with tomato dressed with fresh basil and olive oil or choose a lean protein fish such as salmon, plaice, sea bass or mackeral served with fresh vegetables. Your body will still enjoy the benefits of the fast as you will be empty for long periods which are more than enough to give your organs the break it needs. Make you food fresh and be sure to used organic products where possible. Wash all the vegetables and cut and core them. 
As with any health progamme, always check with your doctor before you choose to undertake a diet or exercise programme.
1. Weightloss and Bloating
One of the major benefits of fasting is, of course, weightloss. This happens because of the calorific reduction caused by fasting. It is also a result of your cells dumping the toxic matter which they are holding onto and which causes inflammation and bloating in the cells. It is advisable to begin undertake this 3 detox at anytime. It is important to have colonic irrigation or liver enemas during your juice fast for optimal results. This will help your body avoid headaches and stop you from experiencing the symptoms of detoxification at full force . More importantly, it will encourage weightloss and reduce bloating. If you are bloated have a colonic at the start of your detox as it will motivate you. You will feel you have already dropped a few pounds.

2. Natural Hunger Buster: One major benefit of detoxing is that it enables your appetite to be re-set. Its like pressing the reboot button on your hunger. When you juice fast and undergo a colonic irrigation detox, your stomach and all your other digestive organs get a break. They are considerably more empty than usual and have much less work to do. So they can reduce to their natural size. This happens slowly just like an elastic band that has been stretched out of shape and comes slowly come back to its normal size. So your stomach and colon shrink in size. When you eat, you no longer have the inclination to over eat. So forget about the diet pills to suppress your appetite. Natural weight loss occurs through colonic irrigation and detoxing because your body has an opportunity to rejuvenate and come to terms with how much food it actually needs and wants. And bowel function is increased as your bowel feels fullers faster and so it naturally moves.

2. Release Toxins: By detoxing, you allow your body to release toxins so that healing can proceed. When you undergo a detox with colonic irrigation, a huge amount of historic toxins are driven out. When you do this, you take the toxic load off your body and that means your skin, sinuses and joints too. The body will get a chance to heal old pains and injuries which it has not gotten around to do because of the constant energy demands of digestion and detoxification. These actions require a lot of energy. Therefore, when you detox and fast, your body gets a chance to fix old scar tissue and inflammations on the internal organs. Lymphocytes, your healing army of cells, are freed up and so they move to the site of the old injury. You may experience temporary inflammation or pain during your detox. But dont worry, thats just your body going through the healing process to complete the job that may be only half finished. 

How Long Should I Detox For?
Usually your juice fast will last for three days. So you can choose to have your colonic irrigation treatment on day one. You can choose to do it in the middle of your detox, on day two. Alternatively, you can choose to have it on the last day of your juice fast. Regardless of when you wish to have your colonic irrigaton treatment, it is possible to add further detoxification benefits to your treatment by having a coffee enema included with your colonic irrigation.

Increase Liver Detoxification With Coffee Enemas
A coffee enema is used after a colonic. When the colon is empty, a herbal caffeine solutions is introduced into the colon and it is retained for up to 15 minutes. During this period of time, the caffeine is circulated to the liver and the it causes the bile ducts in the liver to dilate. This enables a large release of toxic matter to travel from the liver into the colon. When you release the matter at the end of your treatment, you will enjoy the health benefits of removing years of toxins from you liver as well as cleansing your colon. Just think of all that alcohol, medication, preservatives and pollutants being freed from your liver. Many people choose to have coffee enemas as part of their detox treatment. Your eyes will sparkle as dark circles are removed from the under eye area and puffiness is reduced but that just the benefit you can see. Your liver will enjoy a much deserved rest and can repair any damage done. You may also notice that you can think more clearly and that you feel more alert as your brain rids itself of unwanted toxins.  Dublin Vitality Center is Dublins Leading Colonic Irrigation and Detox Clinic. We are located in Blanchardstown Village. Book today on 01-8201602 for professional detox and health treatments
Colonic Irrigation is now E70, Detox Coffee Enema now E50. At Dublin Vitality Center, Practitioners are Nurse Trained and qualified in health, nutrition and exercise training. We are located in Blanchardstown Village. Book today on 01-8201602 for professional detox and health treatments